Within the St Clair & Erskine Park areas we initiate programs from offering aid/help to members of the community, as well as teaching Scripture in our Schools. Besides Scripture in schools we are currently working with homeless people in need in the wider Sydney area and abroad.

  • Year long Christmas gifting

    No Women should have to choose between sanitary items and a meal. No men should go hungry. The St Clair and Erskine Park Women’s Fellowship along with the Junior Jiver’s playgroup are collecting items for homeless women and men in the local area.The women in our Church have been asked to donate their old handbags so they can be filled with hygiene products collected over the year and given to the homeless women within our community. Read More
  • Scripture in Schools

    Special Religious Education (SRE) plays a vital role in the holistic education of children, helping them form personal moral and ethical frameworks and nurturing their faith while at school. For many children, it is the only opportunity they’ll have to explore the scriptures and have their spiritual questions answered from the Bible. Read More